Our products are eclectic and reflect the adaptation of our company to the needs of our customers. Below are the main applications and systems that are developed.

  • Max! CRM. CRM System (Customer Relationship Manager). Built on Sybase ASE or Microsoft SQL databases. Completely made in PowerBuilder.
  • DBAdmin Centralized administration for Oracle databases, Sybase ASE and Microsoft SQL.
  • Visual Monitor. Control board oriented to the monitoring of multiple OLTP databases. (With very high transactional requirements)
  • TIM. System of online medical shifts, allows taking shifts, administer medical licenses and carry varied statistics.
We currently carry out applications that can be used in PCs, Tablets and Smartphones, with programming languages of rapid implementation .

About Us

Our young company is formed by a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge in:

  1. Banking systems
  2. Enterprise Resource Planning System "(ERP)
  3. Control boards
  4. Billing and stock management systems
  5. Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
We can develop applications on different platforms Unix / Linux, Windows, javascript, html, python and PowerBuilder, so our products can use any of the following databases: Oracle, Sybase Server Enterprise, Microsoft SQL Server, Mysql, Postgresql and SQLite.
Purpose: The development of products that allow our clients to reach their business goals, providing them with innovative services and solutions.
Vision: That our company be chosen for its creativity, innovation, quality of service and collaboration. To be recognized for the human and professional quality of our work team.

Contact us

Phone: +54-385-155959564